Area Rugs in Asheville NC

The sound of the alarm awakens Becca as she grabs her phone to turn it off. She dreads having to wake up early and almost pushes snooze to when she sees that it’s 7:35 am and she rushes to get ready quickly for her 8:00 am class. She jumps up and throws her thin, gray comforter off and her feet hit the cold, hard ground. She opens the old beige blinds to let some light shine in which reveals the bare walls of the room that holds nothing but a single mirror and the desk which has nothing but a single notebook on top. She sighs and walks to the closet and throws on a t-shirt and jeans as she hurries off to class…

After a full day of classes, she hops in her friend’s car to grab some dinner. She turns on the radio and an advertisement comes on.

“And we’re back with another opportunity to have your home designed to fit you. Call in to 92.7, your favorite pop station and if you’re caller number 27, you will wake up tomorrow morning with a new and improved home”

Her friend Bre shouts “OMG!! You should totally call I. Becca !! You’re room can use some color and more of you!”
Becca decides to take her up on it. She calls in and reaches a line, it rings and she starts to get excited. A woman comes on the line “and it looks like you’re caller number 27! Congratulations! What is your name?”
Becca happily replied, “My name is Becca! Thank you so much 92.7!”
The radio announcer ended the conversation with “Send in your information and designers will come by your house tonight. Thank you for listening and congratulations again to Becca. And now, for more of your favorite music…”

Bre drops off Becca back at her dorm and the designers meet her ready to make magic. They discover she loves everything tropical and that becomes their focus of their plan for her room. Becca doesn’t say much while she watches them in awe make her dorm into a beautiful dream for her. They move fast but are precise as they use measuring tapes to make sure things are equal distance. They also create patterns on the walls with duplicate mirrors and paintings to create a symmetrical balance. They tilt pictures to make an intricate design with each piece. They arrange frames and lamps on the desk and make everything so beautiful, even the closet. As they leave, she sits on the bed astonished before she lays down and goes to bed when looking for area rugs in Asheville NC.

Becca smiles as she wakes up to the pretty pink flamingo alarm placed in the corner on her desk. She leans over and grabs her phone out of the floral organizer to check the time and is happy when she sees she has a whole hour to get ready before class. She throws off the ocean blue comforter and jumps out of bed and giggles as her feet touch the sunset orange fluffy rug. She opens her wood blinds and lets light shine in to reveal the paintings of oceans and rainforests that line her wall and the led sign above her bed. Her eyes light up as she reads the sign in her head, Everyday is my Paradise. She skips to her vanity in her closet decorated with palm trees and little hollow creatures that hold her brushes and lip gloss. She feels like a princess as she brushes her hair with a seashell brush and then pulls out an outfit from her coral bins. She takes a look back in her newly decorated paradise and then closes the door and goes off to class…

Decor can be the difference from a room feeling like a place you just sleep or like paradise. You wake up to start your day and come back from a long day in your home. Everything you see and a daily routine can really shape your day and in reality, your life. How you wake up, as in the story of Becca, can really change your perspective and generate happiness. Decor goes beyond just something looking nice or pretty, but it forms a connection between you and your home. Waking up to positive quotes and bright colors (or whatever you may prefer) can lead you to have positive days. Feeling at home in your home is one of the most important components of leading a happy life. Having reminders of what and who is important to you can brighten your days and guide you. This decor matters because it truly has an incredible impact on your life.



Welcome to the Crescent Lily Inn!

Open All Year

The Crescent Lily Inn is located just two blocks north of downtown Colorado Springs. Our 1898 Victorian home is a wonderful hotel alternative. The house has five guestrooms, all of which are fully air-conditioned. Each room has a private bath and either a queen or king-sized bed. Second-floor rooms have speakers, which provide soft chamber music, and the first-floor room has a Grundig radio. All rooms have telephones and wireless Internet. Televisions are available on request. All rooms have writing desks and are furnished with thoughtfully chosen pieces for our guests’ comfort. Depending on the accommodation, features you may find in your guest room include a cozy sitting room, a balcony with views of the lovely Boulder Crescent Park, a gas log fireplace or a whirlpool tub for one or two.

The Crescent Lily Inn is a proud member of the following professional organizations: Bed & Breakfasts of the Pikes Peak Area, Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado; Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau; and Professional Association of Innkeepers International.